Admin 101 - ParentSquare Basics - 3 Ways to Communicate on ParentSquare (AD1)
ParentSquare Administrators
Admin 101 - ParentSquare Basics - 3 Ways to Communicate on ParentSquare (AD1)
Understand the 3 ways you can communicate with your school community on ParentSquare: - Post - Message - Alerts & Notices
Admin 102 - ParentSquare Admin & Add-on Tabs (AD2)
ParentSquare Administrators
Admin 102 - ParentSquare Admin & Add-on Tabs (AD2)
This course is intended for school administrators, office staff, and users with Admin permissions in the platform. Admins will learn the ins and outs of Admin functionality on the Admin Tab. Admins will also learn how to configure features and...
Attendance (AT)
ParentSquare Administrators
Attendance (AT)
This 10 minute training module provides all information related to attendance so office staff are able to efficiently and effectively communicate with families regarding student absences. • Set up and view the attendance settings at your...
Teacher Training 101 (IN1)
ParentSquare Teachers
Teacher Training 101 (IN1)
This training is designed to empower teachers to start communicating with your class(es) right away and message individual users. Teachers can utilize our two-way platform and send out calendar events, get rsvps, share photos or files, ask for...
Parent 101 (PAE1)
ParentSquare Parents
Parent 101 (PAE1)
Your child’s school has adopted ParentSquare; a communication and organization tool designed to keep parents informed and involved in their children's learning and school activities. • Receive all school, classroom and group communication...
Padre 101 (PAS1)
ParentSquare Parents
Padre 101 (PAS1)
La escuela de su hijo ha adoptado ParentSquare; una herramienta de comunicación y organización diseñada para mantener a los padres informados e involucrados en el aprendizaje y las actividades escolares de sus hijos. • Reciba toda la...

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